Ideas to surprise: poetry for weddings

When you start planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. You think about making a personalized and unique wedding, according to your tastes, preferences and ideas that you are discovering. Whether it is a religious wedding or a civil one, to make the ceremony special, today we propose texts and poetry for weddings.

They will surely inspire you and will implicate your guests, suggesting that they show you their affection with some nice words. Also for you, if you are thinking of expressing your feelings to your partner in a romantic way with some emotional words.

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4 wedding dresses for an intimate wedding

The pandemic has forced us to rethink our lives and our plans for the future. As it evolves, and we go through the different waves, one of the limitations that is always on the table is the reduction in the number of attendees at events and, of course, at the weddings.

For this reason, many couples who decide to get married at this time choose to have an intimate, more personalized wedding, where each guest is also the protagonist. Courageous couples have the ability to reinvent themselves and not to give up on making their perfect celebration come true.

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Ideal accessories to be the coolest guest

When we are invited to an event, be it a wedding, a communion, baptism or any other party, one of our first thoughts is “What will I wear to feel beautiful and be the coolest guest?”

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Pilar & Fran, back home to celebrate their emotional wedding

Making the decision to go to live in another country is never easy. But if you go with the person you love the most, making the relationship mature thanks to mutual support and realizing that you are made for each other, it is definitely worth a try.

This happened to our happy newlywed couple, Pili & Fran. Eight years ago they decided to make a living in London, where “we learned to be there for each other, to row in the same direction, and realized that we were made to walk together,” Pili tells us.

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The most popular honeymoon trips for 2022

Weddings are back, and with them honeymoon trips and the nerves to enjoy one of the most beautiful and romantic experiences together, the one that you will remember with emotion.

For this reason, at Higar Viajes we not only want to find the trip of your dreams, but we also take into account the current situation, to offer you all the necessary information and organize your ideal honeymoon trip to a safe destination.

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