Rocío and Jairo, a lifelong love

Today we are talking about a wedding couple, of which there are few. Rocío and Jairo have been together practically all their lives. A romantic movie love, where love moves everything.

It can be said that they have grown together, since they began their beautiful relationship when they were both only 13 years old. Trust and rowing in the same direction makes love stay alive over time.

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Romantic brides, wearing tulle sleeves

One of the latest trends in wedding dresses are tulle sleeves. This romantic and delicate fabric, of French origin, is one of the favorites of contemporary brides, due to its elegance and sophistication.

Tulle is an almost transparent fabric, made up of a mesh, that is created from a pattern of hexagons. In bridal designs, silk tulle is used, because it is softer and lighter. It gives the sleeves an ethereal sensation.

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Ideal colors for your cocktail dress

Did your best friend just tell you that she is getting married? Have your beloved brother and his girlfriend announced that they will soon say “I do”? What a wonderful moment, full of happiness, you have lived, right?

Now it’s time to think about what guest dress you will wear. Finally, you can buy a cocktail dress, that makes you feel beautiful on such a special day. The questions that will arise now are: what type of silhouette is the most worn nowadays? What color favors me most? Which is more fashionable today?

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“Origen” Collection, the new cocktail looks by Manu García

The new Manu García collection is finally here! So, if you have a wedding on the horizon, your child’s communion is coming up, or you simply want to feel like a queen on that special day, we bring you some unique models that will make you fall in love at first sight.

jIf the dress is correct, the day or time of year does not matter. Nevertheless, it is always good to take it into account, when choosing the design to dazzle with. For this reason, from HigarNovias we show you some designs from the new “Origen” collection by Manu García, that you have been dreaming of for so many months.

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Long and short organza cocktail dresses

From the same exquisite and elegant fabric, we design not only a long cocktail dress for your evening event, but also a cocktail dress for a daytime wedding. We create two different models, but always impregnated with the essence of HigarNovias, in which we take care of all the details.

Craftsmanship and customization meet each other, to make our clients’ dreams come true. Thus, today we present you dreamy designs that are based on two spectacular printed organza fabrics, for that very special occasion that you are so much looking forward to celebrating.

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