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Higar Novias Group is a family firm that began its venture with a modest ladies ´shop in the early 80s. It was placed in a lovely village called Fuente Palmera, Cordoba, Spain.

The company´s dedication and effort has culminated in what it is nowadays.

These days Higar Novias, has more than 200 employees. All our gowns are made and designed in Spain and our collections include bridal and ceremony dresses.

Our designers are the following:

Manu Garcia – Bridal and Cocktail Dresses

Valerio Luna – Bridal and Cocktail Dresses

Esperanza by Manu Garcia – Cocktail Dresses

Angela by Valerio Luna – Cocktail Dresses

The company started its internalization some years ago and sells its dresses in Italy, UK, Portugal, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Rumania, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Russia, Japan, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Brasil, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast…

The blog Higar Novias entre bastidores has the aim to keep you well informed, bring some fresh inspiration and innovative ideas to help you tie the knot.