Minimalist wedding dresses for a simple woman

The current trend in wedding dresses, as well as in weddings themselves, is to extol the simple and natural, rather than the ostentatious and artificial. The sophisticated and simple bride is increasingly looking for minimalist and clean-cut dresses. They flee from ornaments and baroque style, also looking for comfort and delicacy in their bridal look, because less is more.

Plain fabrics such as crepe or silk, straight skirts, timeless necklines such as the bateau or V-shaped, or small and delicate details are some of the characteristics of minimalist wedding dresses. Also that princess-cut wedding dress with a voluminous skirt, which is balanced with a simple bodice and thus becomes a discreet and natural design.

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Mother-of-the-bride choice: short o long dress?

One of the most emotional moments that you will spend in your life will be when your child and his/her partner announce their engagement, and they ask you to be the godmother. Surely you have dreamed of that moment many times.

A wedding means commitment, joy, celebration and nerves. Even more so if it is of a person so dear and in which you will be the protagonist, together with her. The choice of your mother-of-a-bride dress will become a unique and thoughtful experience, because you have to assess how you want to look on that special day for the family.

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Wedding movies to inspire you

The world of weddings has been and still is a very recurring theme in the cinema. For sure, all of us had spent a fun time and emotional moments watching such kind of movies. If, on top of that, you are immersed in the organization of your wedding, you can find inspiration in these types of films, while you relax with your partner.

Starting from the stage where they take place, what must be taken into account in the organization, the bridal look of the couple, the soundtracks, and even the hairstyle of the protagonists, all of these can give you ideas for your celebration.

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Sensual backs in Manu García’s wedding dresses

Wedding dresses that carry delicate details at the rear neckline create a perfect harmony between feminine elegance and a risky touch.

They are wedding dresses that are ideal for a summer ceremony because of their freshness and because it is the ideal time of year to show off that part of your body, that is as mysterious as it is sensual, provided that you are a daring bride who likes to show her personality.

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Ideas and tips for summer weddings

The good weather and longer days make summer one of the most chosen seasons of the year by wedding couples to celebrate their wedding.

A celebration in the open air, where the bride, groom and the nature are the protagonists. The sunset, the stars or the singing birds bring a special color and sounds to a very special environment.

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