Cristina & Marco, uncertainty gave way to emotion

2021 has finally arrived and, while waiting for everything to improve, we continue to tell you beautiful stories of our brides who have gotten married in times of Covid.

On this occasion, the wedding of Cristina and Marco, two Madrilenians who, after five years of dating, decided to get married on 16th of May, 2020. However, they had to postpone their marriage to September, keeping the illusion intact because they wanted to celebrate their wedding and live that moment full of happiness with their loved ones.

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Ideas to have the sweetest table at your celebration

Customizing weddings, communions and baptisms is a very current trend. Every detail is thought of, so that nothing is left to chance and thus, to be able to surprise our guests so that our celebration is remembered in a very special way.

The choice of music, the decoration of the event, the original invitations, everything is decided upon, according to the taste and style of the protagonists, but always with great affection and care. Continue reading →

Long sleeve wedding dresses for winter weddings

January has arrived together with the low temperatures, so we have thought that you would like to discover our most winter wedding dresses by Manu García and Valerio Luna.

We know that there are couples who like this time of the year, and choose it to celebrate their wedding, because for them the cold is not an impediment. These brave bride and groom who, despite the circumstances, continue with their wedding preparations, because their love and desire to share their life together are stronger than a thousand pandemics.

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HigarNovias, a year of overcoming and new challenges

The year that comes to an end has been very difficult for everyone. But in our hearts flows the hope that 2021 will be a good year, in which weddings and the most special events will return. We will give each other the kisses and hugs that we have not been able to exchange, and they will be more intense and more sincere. 

If we reflect on everything we have experienced, we can only thank our entire team for their passion, their dedication and the desire to move forward, without losing the smile.

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