Lorena & Juan José, a special, beautiful and intense wedding

Saying “yes I do” on a beautiful afternoon at the end of this past August has been very special for Lorena & Juan José, because of everything they had experienced previously. A long-awaited and desired wedding, after 13 years of relationship and great experiences together.

After a year and a half of pandemic, of having to postpone their wedding like so many other couples, of overcoming obstacles due to restrictions, several changes of hour, invitations that were delayed, a new destination for the honeymoon, … The great day has come with nerves, excitement and a lot of happiness.

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Real Mothers-of-the-bride by Manu García

The mothers-of-the-bride of a wedding are its another great protagonists. They come to our stores with the excitement of finding an ideal mother-of-the-bride dress. One that reflects their personality and, above all, with which they will look radiant on such a special day.

We show you some of our real mothers-of-the-bride with designs by Manu García, beautiful and elegant, living unique and happy moments.

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Inma Cano and her personalized Manu García wedding dress, a wonderful experience

How happy we are to be able to tell you about the new weddings that are being celebrated this year. It is a sign that life goes on, that everything comes back and that love has no limits.

Today we share with you the selection of Inma’s wedding dress for her wedding with Ezequiel. She is a Spanish influencer from Osuna, @inmakno, who has more than 14,000 followers on Instagram and has a blog, in which she makes recommendations for beauty, clothing and lifestyle products.

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Trendy colors for fall 2021 cocktail dresses

The colors that will be worn most this fall 2021 “reflect a very optimistic collective creative conscience, whose fundamental desire is to tell a transcendent story”, as defined by the Pantone Institute in the presentation of the new fashionable colors.

We highlight 5 shades in the cocktail dresses of our collections that will awaken joy and positivity, because they are very expressive colors. Easy to match tones that convey confidence.

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Discover Brisa, the new collection of wedding dresses by Manu García

The new bridal collection by Manu García is already available for you. In Brisa, Manu García creates a collection of unique pieces of natural beauty, born from the sea breeze and the freedom that he feels when being at the sea side.

A trip to the heart of different countries, to create a collection of wedding dresses that seems frozen in time, thanks to its lightness and purity.

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