Best honeymoon destinations for this 2023

In these cold months, it is inevitable to think about the sun, summer, and vacations. Tropical beaches, cities with history, exotic trips… When choosing a plan, the options are endless. And for those couples who are getting married in 2023, now is the time to start thinking about their honeymoon and choose your destination, or destinations, for that matter.

For those young fiancés who already dream of celebrating a few days of love after their “I do”, where they will spend some unforgettable and romantic moments, it is crucial that they plan the trip in advance, to resolve all the doubts that may arise.

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Claudia & Alex, and a unique dream dress

We moved to Gijón to rescue a magical June 18th, marked by love. Two young persons, Claudia and Álex said “yes, I do” between sighs to heaven, surrounded by their family and friends, and putting the finishing touch to a 10-year relationship, marked by learning, evolution, and growth as a couple, since they were teenagers.

The love story between Álex and Claudia is one of those that everyone dreams of at some point. A first love from adolescence, one of those that arrive without warning and who, between summer and summer, says goodbye, ended up becoming, in this case, a lasting and unique love. Therefore, the natural thing was to culminate it as magically as the beginning: with a dream wedding, intimate and in Asturian lands.

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Wedding dresses with bows, that will conquer you

Few trends have taken as much weight in bridal fashion as bows have. On the back, on the waist, on the hair, on the neckline, on the shoulder… They are everywhere, and they have already become a fundamental accessory in wedding dresses.

The discreet but irresistible detail, capable of making the difference in the entire bridal look, is taking center stage, almost without us realizing it. Bows of all sizes, shapes, colors and types have managed to conquer the most romantic brides this season, and they decide to add them to their outfit, in a simple way or in style.

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Three most sensual dresses by Manu García

There are days when we like to feel a little more special and sexier, especially if one of those days is your wedding. One of the most emotional moments, and one that you will never be able to forget. So, how to feel the most sensual, without losing that elegant touch on your big day?

At HigarNovias everything is possible, and since we listen to you, advise you and try to attend to your needs to the letter, we have a perfect design for each type of bride, always depending on what you are looking for. Therefore, on this occasion, if what you want is to bring out your most feminine and sensual side, without losing elegance and that romantic touch, we show you some designs from the new Origen collection by Manu García, that will make it possible.

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Original prints in occasion wear dresses by Valerio Luna

Two-tone or smooth-shape dresses are always a safe bet for any type of event. They are preferred choice of simple and discreet women, always radiant. But there are also a little more daring women, who prefer to take risks with original prints and bright colors, when it comes to wearing their ideal cocktail dress.

Floral or asymmetrical details, maxi belts, innovative and unusual prints… Without a doubt, designs that we are not used to seeing, but when we do, we end up falling completely in love with.

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