The most common mistakes that bridegrooms make

In one of the recent posts we talked about the styling mistakes that brides usually make. Today we advise you about the mistakes that grooms usually make, because you, the grooms, are as much protagonists of your wedding as are your partners.

You must be aware that on that day you will capture more eyes than ever. You must take care of your styling, be perfect and impeccable, and even allow yourself to be innovative.Try to avoid the mistakes that we mention further, and follow our advice.

Both the choice of the groom suit and the accessories should reflect your personality and the style of the wedding.

Choice of color

The style of the wedding will prevail. For a civil or a more modern wedding you can opt for light colors or more colorful printed fabrics. But if the wedding is traditional and in church, choose black, blue, gray or, if you want to innovate, a garnet or a dark green.

The suit should fit you perfectly

“As a ring to the finger” as they say. Getting the size right is essential. The slim fit groom suits are in fashion because they stylize the figure of the groom, but make sure that it is your size, you will feel more comfortable. The correct length of pants is up to where the heel of the shoe begins, since the dress is formal. Although nowadays, following the current fashion, modern grooms choose them somewhat shorter, a length that touches the upper part of the shoe. The jacket has to fit perfectly, shoulders aligned with yours. It has to adapt completely to your torso, so that no wrinkles are formed.

Flower or handkerchief

The protocol advises choosing a flower or a handkerchief, never both. The handkerchief can be of the same fabric as the tie or bowtie, the same tone, or in contrast. Or if you decide on the flower, the ideal is to combine it with the bride’s bouquet.

Wear suspenders

They are always advisable, so that the groom suit fits you wonderfully.

The vest is essential

Indispensable complement in your bridal look. It is one of the garments, next to the chosen tie or bowtie, with which the groom transmits his personality. It can be straight, semicross or crossed, printed or smooth, in tone with the suit or in contrast. Choose the one you like best, but always wear it.


This garment should protrude slightly from the jacket, to show the elegant and personalized cufflinks that you have chosen, but not more.


They must be similar to the color of the pants, and combine with the texture of the same, so as not to clash. Sometimes our Higar grooms combine socks with a tie and a handkerchief.

When to button up?

The jacket is fastened upon entering the church, the town hall or the place chosen to celebrate the wedding. It is the first buttons that you should fasten, never the last. When you go to sit down and after the ceremony, unbutton your jacket.

And last but not the least:

Change of the look

As we already advised the brides, do not choose a drastic change in your image a few days before your wedding. Think that when you see yourself in the wedding photos, you must recognize and like yourself.

Enjoy your wedding preparations with your partner, and especially on your wedding day, be yourself.

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