The guest of red in all its versions

The color red as you know is a color that never fades, if you choose a red dress, always right whether you attend a daytime wedding or an evening wedding, equally, favors blondes and brunettes, being a raised tone,and does not matter in the season of the year in which the wedding is celebrated. It is true that for autumn and winter, the red tone is replaced by its analogue, the burgundy color, is more muted and accompanies cooler times of the year.

It is undeniable that red is aggressive and, unless the design is completely smooth, be careful with makeup, hairstyle and especially jewelry. Remaind that the ideal is to highlight an element and build a very balanced look so that the result is impeccable. So do not hesitate to go dressed in red to a wedding! Continue reading →

Does the perfect bride exist? With Manu Garcia’s wedding dresses it is possible

Perfection exists? In certain things or moments we would say yes, but in general, perfection could be boring, without interest, monotonous …

However, the term perfection can be very subjective. If we talk about brides, the perfection would be the result of a woman who manages to choose her perfect style, the dress looks great, that the hairstyle combine with the dress and with her age, makeup highlights his features, behaves in a very elegant, it expresses itself with pleasure, overflows happiness and sympathy. For me this could be a perfect bride, what do you think?

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How to get shine at a wedding if you are the guest

Successful when we are the guest seems easy task but it is true that it is not enough to choose a suitable cocktail dress, there are many factors that influence so that a girl really catches our attention without knowing her, when we meet at a wedding. On numerous occasions, it is a matter of attitude, this is the subject of today’s post. How we behave, how we express ourselves, how we walk and the impression we give to others are fundamental factors when it comes to shining as a guest.

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Autumn Brides. Valerio Luna 2020 Collection

We wanted to show you little by little the wonderful wedding dresses that Valerio Luna has created for its 2020 collection. On the designer’s website, you have all the dresses for you to take a look at, in stores we already have a large advance.

Surely the girls who are going to marry in autumn-winter, are looking for their wedding dress, that dress with which they feel beautiful, comfortable, feminine, sensual or maybe sexy why not. These months when it can be cool, and to really wear the dress, the ideal is to find one with long sleeves.We can always make use of a beautiful jacket, coat, etc … If the dress you like is sleeveless, but with the preciousness that we have in this new collection, we recommend that you opt for some of these options, when you see them you will not be able to resist. Continue reading →

Didn’t you find the cocktail dress you were looking for?

The Higar Novias blog is a blog focused to find the inspiration you needed for your wedding. You can find out about decoration, trends, styles, offer ideas, wedding tips, etc.

If you are the bride, we present the new collections, we show you dresses of different styles, fabrics and shapes, your guests have at their disposal a variety of cocktail dresses, the latest trends and of course, the godmother is a key piece for us, along with the bride.

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