Tatiana and Manuel, a perfect fairy tale

If we talk about wedding dresses, the variety is infinite. Still, one of the brides’ favorites is usually the princess cut, the one that we dreamed of as children. Today our real bride Tatiana looks like she just stepped out of a perfect fairy tale.

More than a year after “yes, I do,” the love between Tatiana and Manuel is still as latent as the first day, and the magic of the wedding dress continues to haunt the memories of all those who witnessed the wedding. A spectacular and romantic design of a fairy tale bride.

But to relive it, we must go back to that great and romantic day, to that 6th ofAugust, 2022, on which there was no shortage of tears, knowing smiles and fashion.

The wedding was held at the Huerta Las Monjas de El Arahal, in Seville, and it was a sunny day in the middle of August. «The groom was pure emotion, he couldn’t stop crying. And I couldn’t stop laughing”, recalls the bride, excited and smiling.

«It was perfect, I wouldn’t change anything about that day. Every little detail was magical”, says Tatiana.

Due to fate or mere chance, we will leave this to the reader, theirs was, in any case, an unexpected but inevitable love story.

«We met at our workplace, and our relationship started very little by little, as friends and colleagues. We shared a car and, in silence, we both began to fall in love”, confesses our real bride.

However, Tatiana confesses that it was difficult for both of them to take the step of starting a story together, because “I had a partner”, our beautiful bride says honestly. “But, in the end, he proposed, and since then we have never been apart”.

That’s how happy they were on their special day, with those faces of infinite happiness, that we can see in the images. A beautiful couple with an obvious connection between the two, capable of going beyond the camera lens.

And she, a bride straight out of a fairy tale. A true princess, who looked radiant in one of our Valerio Luna models, that she bought in our HigarNovias store in Fuente Palmera. Its skirt even seemed to float in the air, as she walked towards the altar.

The young woman came to our store with the excitement of those first times, accompanied and advised by her mother, her sister and one of her closest friends. After trying on some five models, the final one arrived. The one that would be for her.

“When I tried on the dress, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I started to cry and I knew it was my dress”, she says.

Although it was not the original idea that I had in the beginning, I am very glad that I tried it on and took advice, because I fell in love with it. It was love at first sight”.

But what does it feel like when you find the one? How do you know that it is yours? “You feel it, and that’s it. You feel like this is your dress. “I was very excited”, she replies.

It fills us with excitement to see that real brides like Tatiana look so radiant and happy thanks to our creations, special and unique for each one of them.

Congratulations, couple! Now it’s your turn to start this new adventure hand in hand.

At HigarNovias, we are delighted to make our clients’ dreams come true, and see their happy faces wearing our designs.

You can be our next real bride, so don’t forget that you can make an appointment without obligation in our store. We will advise you and help you with everything that you may need to make you feel like a true princess from a perfect fairy tale, like Tatiana, on the most important day of your life.

Catering: @cateringlahuerta 

Photographer: @grabandoswedding 

Music: @spiritmusicdj  

Makeup and hairdressing: María José Vera


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