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Rocío and Jairo, a lifelong love

Today we are talking about a wedding couple, of which there are few. Rocío and Jairo have been together practically all their lives. A romantic movie love, where love moves everything.

It can be said that they have grown together, since they began their beautiful relationship when they were both only 13 years old. Trust and rowing in the same direction makes love stay alive over time.


Jessica & Rafa, a touching wedding in the family

On a sunny and radiant day last September, Jessica and Rafa made their dream come true. They sealed their love in a beautiful civil ceremony at the Palacio de la Carlota.

After twelve years of a sincere love, which began when they were very young, Jessica tells us “we started when we were two teenagers, 15 and 17 years old, and we have progressed, always hand in hand, fulfilling our dreams”.…