Noelia & Juan de Dios, a very enjoyed wedding

On a sunny Saturday of last fall, Noelia and Juan De Dios sealed their love, in a way they had always dreamed of. After a year and a half of waiting, and four changes of date, forced by the pandemic, on November 13th they said “Yes, I do” in Villa Del Río.

After 5 years of courtship, a marriage proposal in Lanzarote, having being forced to delay their marriage, they decided to move to their new house, before the wedding. “We went to live together in our house, where if I was happy before, from that moment on my happiness multiplied by a thousand,” says Noelia.

The bride tells us about the feelings of the most beautiful day of her life. “When I got to the altar and saw Juan De Dios, I couldn’t believe the moment had come. He was gorgeous, I even cried when I saw him ”.

Regarding the choice of her wedding dress, Noelia decided on the Capricho model by Valerio Luna, in which she removed the floral lace from the back and added a silk overskirt by Manu García.

“I went to the HigarNovias store in Fuente Palmera with my mother, the person who had to be present yes or yes, with my sister, who was very excited to come and choose my wedding dress, my aunt, because she raised me and she is more than a grandmother to me and my other aunt ”.

Noelia asked each of them to choose the model with which they would like to see her as a bride, a beautiful decision on her part. “At first, none of them convinced me because none of them was close to the idea that I had. I tried the one my aunts chose but something was missing. From the design my sister chose, I liked the skirt. When they gave me to try the one I liked the least, my mother’s choice, I felt a turnaround. I loved it, although I decided to add the skirt of the dress that my sister liked. When I saw myself with the changes, I was excited and I felt very happy, because it was what I wanted, my wedding dress”. What heart touching moments we have with our brides and their families, we love them!

In such a special moment, our real bride, the first person she thought of when she looked so pretty was her paternal grandmother. “I felt sorry because I thought of my paternal grandmother, for whom she had an infinite passion. She raised me, and from the minute I knew that I was getting married, she has been very much on my mind.”

She remembers the emotion of her parents when they saw her dressed as a bride, “when my mother helped me to dress and she could not stop crying from her emotions. Nor will I ever forget my father’s face when he saw me dressed as a bride, he didn’t want to know anything about what I would be wearing until my wedding day.”

By the words of Noelia, the couple, the family and friends radiated happiness and great enthusiasm. It was a wedding that was very much enjoyed by everybody.

Congratulations, couple!


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