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Mother-of-the-bride choice: short o long dress?

One of the most emotional moments that you will spend in your life will be when your child and his/her partner announce their engagement, and they ask you to be the godmother. Surely you have dreamed of that moment many times.

A wedding means commitment, joy, celebration and nerves. Even more so if it is of a person so dear and in which you will be the protagonist, together with her. The choice of your mother-of-a-bride dress will become a unique and thoughtful experience, because you have to assess how you want to look on that special day for the family.


Personalized accessories for mothers-of-the-bride

At HigarNovias, we love mothers-of-the-bride because of the prominence they acquire at the wedding. The emotion on her face is always present at the time of the ceremony. And when they come to our stores to choose their mother-of-the-bride dress, the one they have been thinking about from the moment they learn the important role they will play in that special wedding, as well.…