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Three sophisticated wedding dresses for any season

Deciding the date of that important day is usually a complicated task, especially when it comes to choosing the most appropriate clothing for the occasion. There are many factors that influence the choice, so the best option is to choose a sophisticated dress that fits in any season of the year.

The climate, the temperature, the place, the type of wedding… When choosing the perfect wedding dress for your ceremony, it is important to consider every small detail, so that nothing can spoil your big day.


Three simple wedding dresses for a natural woman

The Manu García’s Brisa bridal collection is made with natural fabrics, creating suggestive and light designs, in which the embroidered applications illuminate the main fabric, like silk tulle, delicate lace, polka dots and gauze.

For a natural and discreet woman, today we present 3 bridal designs, in which stand out their simple lines, and the female figure is extolled.…

Three A-line wedding dresses by Manu García

For such an important and special day in your life as your wedding, choosing the wedding dress can be an exciting or, on the contrary, a stressful task. The key lies in the personality of each woman.

If you are a determined bride with clear ideas, you will know what you want and you will search and search, until you find your dream design.…