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Long sleeve wedding dresses for winter weddings

January has arrived together with the low temperatures, so we have thought that you would like to discover our most winter wedding dresses by Manu García and Valerio Luna.

We know that there are couples who like this time of the year, and choose it to celebrate their wedding, because for them the cold is not an impediment. These brave bride and groom who, despite the circumstances, continue with their wedding preparations, because their love and desire to share their life together are stronger than a thousand pandemics.


Very special Christmas discounts on wedding dresses, groom suits and communion outfits

At HigarNovias we wish to celebrate Christmas and the lift of the ban on commuting with a period of very special discounts, which we have called Christmas Sales “without frontiers”.

We are happy because the infections by Covid19 are decreasing. The commitment of each and every one of us is essential, but we must also return to a life as normal as possible, because the country’s economy and families need it.…