2021, an intense year in the new normality

2021 has been the year of the new normality, and although we are still in the pandemic, and we cannot forget that fact, we have learned to live with it.

Weddings and events have been held again, with a mask, safety distance and reduced capacity. Celebrations that have been enjoyed in a special way and with more intensity, because we have learned to value even more the special moments of our lives.

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Cocktail dresses for the New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a magical night, in which we say goodbye to the year and we give way to a new one. It is the time to set new challenges, make wishes, renew hope, fulfill traditions (such as wearing clothes of certain colors to attract what we most want) and celebrate with all our loved ones. This year, like the previous one, with full responsibility and complying with sanitary measures.

But New Year’s Eve is also the most elegant night of the year. Do you want us to help you choose the ideal cocktail dress to fully enter 2022? Take note of these three options that we suggest you!

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Red cocktail dresses for this Christmas

The red color is psychologically associated with passion, sensuality and love. It is the color of energy and daring… and it is also the quintessential Christmas hue.

If we are looking for cocktail dresses that combine these concepts, we show you three designs from the Manu García and Valerio Luna collections, that are ideal for these dates and that will enhance your most feminine side in the most elegant way.

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3 modern wedding dresses by Manu García

Today is the day on which we celebrate Christmas Eve. Another Christmas, in which you have to be responsible and take care of the most vulnerable family and friends, so complying with health measures is essential.

At this time we think of those couples who are deciding on their wedding date, their hopes and concerns. From the HigarNovias Group we send all our strength and encouragement to these couples. You will be able to celebrate your wedding sooner rather than later, and it will be the most beautiful day of your life.

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Noelia & Juan de Dios, a very enjoyed wedding

On a sunny Saturday of last fall, Noelia and Juan De Dios sealed their love, in a way they had always dreamed of. After a year and a half of waiting, and four changes of date, forced by the pandemic, on November 13th they said “Yes, I do” in Villa Del Río.

After 5 years of courtship, a marriage proposal in Lanzarote, having being forced to delay their marriage, they decided to move to their new house, before the wedding. “We went to live together in our house, where if I was happy before, from that moment on my happiness multiplied by a thousand,” says Noelia.

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