Brides in Pants

Are you a daring woman? Have you thought about getting married in a pantsuit? If you are one of those who like to make a difference, on a day as special as your wedding day, you will choose a bridal outfit according to your personality and your style. Why not wear an unconventional design, like a fine lace bodice with elegant trousers?

Pant wedding suits are also ideal for second or civil weddings, or for those more mature brides, who want to look simple on their wedding day.

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Two-piece dresses for mothers of the bride

The mother of the bride cocktail dress is one of the most anticipated looks at a ceremony, after the bride’s dress. One of the most important points for you to dazzle on the most special day of your child’s wedding, is that you feel comfortable. To achieve this, in our catalog we have different models of pants or two-pieces, perfectly adaptable to the body and taste of each woman.

Whether it’s a design with a jacket, top, skirt or pants, or one that simulates a two-piece, in our occasion wear collections we have a wide range of options for perfect mothers of the bride. If your child is getting married, and you are looking for a special dress, keep reading, because here we give you some ideas.

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Summer trend colours of 2022

Today is already summer, a season during which the heat and the longer days make us want to wear bright colours and light fabrics. And so, the fashion catwalks show us vibrant, daring colours that invite us to party and to have fun.

After two years of the pandemic, more than ever we want to find happiness in a world that is changing every day. A good starting point for this is our own styling.

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Songs for the wedding day

The songs often mark unique moments in our lives. So, every time you hear them, the memories and desires of that day you lived long ago come back.

And as a special day, the wedding day will also be marked by melodies, those of the bride and groom, that define them as a couple. There will be several occasions, throughout the day of the celebration, in which they can choose different songs to personalize their wedding and make those moments that they are going to live even more special.

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Trendy colors for occasion wear dresses for winter 2022 

For this winter, the chromatic palette is composed of very subtle colors. The fashion of 2021 came loaded with bright and intense colors, to cheer us up in a difficult and complicated period for everyone. And, as after the storm comes the calm, so does the trend in colors.

This 2022 arrives calmer, despite the fatigue of all and this sixth wave, that already seems to be remitting. The pandemic is controlled, thanks to vaccination, and in HigarNovias we are optimistic. We are sure that there is less left to overcome it.

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