Cocktail dresses for New Year’s Eve by Manu García

It is the last night of this year that leaves us. Although we all wish that this year ends soonest, we deserve to do it elegantly.

We will not attend parties, and family gatherings will be reduced, but that should not affect the party spirit that is breathed on New Year’s Eve. There is nothing more beautiful than dressing up for dinner, eating the grapes that will lead the way for 2021 and having fun, albeit in an intimate way, with the closest family.

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Cocktail dresses in red, ethereal passion

Today we will talk about the red cocktail dresses, because there is no color that conveys more passion and elegance at the same time, even more so in this Christmas season.

During these holidays, red is a color that will suit you wonderfully. At Christmas time everything is flooded with this striking color. A tradition that was born long time ago. The use of plants such as mistletoe, fir, ivy or holly have been present in both pagan and religious celebrations from the Celts, through the Victorian era to the present day.

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Promotional communion dresses and suits for 2021

Today our boys and girls start Christmas holidays. They are eager to rest and to enjoy these holidays, even if they are atypical. They do not lose the enthusiasm, so characteristic of childhood, and they already think about playing, about the arrival of Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men and are looking forward to see their relatives, even remotely.

Now that you can travel throughout Andalusia, if your son or daughter has communion soon, you can use the opportunity to visit us with your little ones to choose their communion dress or suit and live an experience, that will be unforgettable for them.

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Ana & Jose, a magic and special wedding

We love to tell you about our real brides and their beautiful love stories, how was their wedding day and what she felt when choosing her wedding dress at HigarNovias.

Today we would like to share with you the story about the magical wedding of Ana & Jose. It was full of surprises from the bride and the groom, from the guests and even from the weather. In this emotional love story you will perceive tenderness and happiness. They will make you wish to celebrate your own wedding, because you always have to keep the enthusiasm.

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Very special Christmas discounts on wedding dresses, groom suits and communion outfits

At HigarNovias we wish to celebrate Christmas and the lift of the ban on commuting with a period of very special discounts, which we have called Christmas Sales “without frontiers”.

We are happy because the infections by Covid19 are decreasing. The commitment of each and every one of us is essential, but we must also return to a life as normal as possible, because the country’s economy and families need it.

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