Carmen and manuel, the most elegant couple (and dress)

Each wedding has a particular charm and is different from the rest. In the case of Carmen and Manuel, theirs was a wedding with a soundtrack, rainproof and with an elegant personality that stood out, above all, in our bride’s dress.

Our real bride’s of today is, without a doubt, a special and elegant wedding. Especially for her simple dress, but also for the love they both exude and for the unique and personal style of her looks.

At Carmen and Manuel’s wedding there was no shortage of good music, good dancing, and good taste, of course. The main song from the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” soundtrack completely marked his triumphant entry.

The song, performed by the string quartet that was present at the wedding, made both the couple and the attendees feel like they were in a true Hollywood classic. An unforgettable moment for everyone.

However, not the entire wedding was as the bride and groom had initially imagined. “The weather forecast throughout the week had been 37-38 degrees, but the night before it suddenly changed, predicting rain and wind”, confesses the bride, amused.

“Everything was prepared to have dinner outside. Time had been spent placing the details of the guests that were very personalized with dedications and photographs of trips and moments lived with each friend, Christmas dinners with the family and memories of beloved ones who were not physically there but whom we had very present on that special day”, she continues explaining in detail.

However, something happened that day and luck smiled on Carmen and Manuel, who, despite everything, managed to enjoy an unforgettable wedding, full of good atmosphere.

«Luck allowed the guests to sit down and collect their surprises. It was just then when it started to rain, and we had to go to the living room. The scene of the guests protecting their hairstyles with napkins was quite comical”.

«The change lasted 10 minutes thanks to the fact that those in charge of Cerropuerta had everything prepared inside in case the rain forced us to resort to Plan B. Thanks to this, the spirit did not decline, and we entered the room again to the rhythm of “I’m going to have a good time by Hombres G” , she says.

The bride’s dress did not suffer any damage either, if that is what our reader was wondering just now.

Her beautiful look, a design from our HigarNovias store in Fuente Palmera, fine and elegant, captivated all eyes and surprised, above all, due to the simplicity and elegance with which the bride wore it.

Carmen, from minute one, was very clear about the style she wanted: “As simple and elegant as possible”. And so, we made it happen.

A look made by and for a bride who had dreamed of this day for a long time. “It was made according to the design that I personalized, using the skirt of one dress, the bodice of another and the back of yet another one”, says Carmen.

A perfect outfit that was the icing on the cake for an impeccable look, although what our real bride liked the most was, in Carmen’s own words: “The lace on the back and the fall of the skirt”.

With or without a fall, there is no doubt about one thing. They followed the “I’m going to have a good time” to the letter, and we hope that this continues every day of this new adventure, that you have begun.

Congratulations, couple!

At HigarNovias we are delighted to make our clients’ dreams come true and see their happy faces, while they wear our designs. You can be our next real bride, so don’t forget that you can make an appointment without obligation in our store. We will advise you and help you with everything you need.


Photographer: @josekesada 

Makeup and hairdressing@bea_morales y @carmentorresestilista

Florist: @lacaseriadelasflores


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