Mistakes we make when we arranging a wedding


It is true that we usually organize the wedding with time, especially those couples who are married by the Church, have to reserve date at least one year in advance. This time is ideal to mature how we want to be the wedding of our dreams and to specify all the necessary details so that the result is a perfect wedding.

We get married once in life generally and of course, having no experience in this type of event, there may be certain details that we don’t remember, what you have to try is not to make serious mistakes that can have a bad time.

Today we tell you about some mistakes we made when we arranging a wedding.

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The wedding dress chosen by Amalia for her wedding

novias reales (2)

The wide variety of wedding dresses that the Higar Novias Group of the different designers has is what attracted Amalia; she alone came to our Atelier one day. The preconceived idea she had in mind soon changed when she began to try different wedding dresses.

She decided to return but this time in the company of her parents and this was the wedding dress chosen finally, simple but with certain details that make the difference, look at the back and the sleeves, a Valerio Luna dress that totally did fell in love to her.

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Manu García and his brides with ”flamenco style”

As the title of today’s post says, we become ‘flamencos’ to receive a new week that offers us this September.

A month full of organizational tasks, both at home and in our personal and professional lives, the beginning of the new course is for many people the beginning of a new year, a stage full of good things, projects … so it’s time to think about marriage, the nerves travel our body to imagine how the wedding dress we choose for the big day.

Manu Garcia has designed for his new collection some wedding dresses with skirts full of frills. Given the degree of detail of each design, we show you today the photos of the front and back so you can recreate in each one of them. Be attentive since some one another will surprise you.

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Different looks for godmother in a wedding

The wedding of your son is coming, how much emotion you feel when you think that he is going to take a very important step in her life, that is happy and that reassures and rejoices you.

You will enjoy together with the couple and the family in a very important day for all. The godmother is very important on a wedding, she is the person who will accompany the groom holding his arm to the church and has to look radiant, according to the occasion.

Are you looking for a godmother dress? Very attentive to what we are going to show you right away.

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Special wedding cocktail dresses

A wedding is a perfect occasion to choose a surprising cocktail dress, which stands out for something, we put on a very different attire to what we are accustomed. The guests dress up to enjoy together with the bride and groom the moment of the ceremony, the snacks, the lunch or dinner and the dance.

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