Brides can’t take this typical mistakes

When we organize a wedding, we put all our effort so that everything goes well, but what we do not stop is to focus on things that guarantee success.

When you finish reading this post you will realize that it is possible to avoid mistakes, in some occasions it will seem obvious and even logical but believe me that many times they are overlooked.

Take note of these premises as they will help you to develop the wedding day more smoothly and consequently, you will live it more intensely.
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Some ideas for the Wedding Godmother

The arrival of good weather brings the celebration of many weddings, spring is a perfect time of year for this type of events, the temperature is perfect for it, allows to use the outdoor areas enabled to give the aperitif and the colors are more cheerful and flashy in order to choice of dresses. In reference to the honeymoon, it is considered average or low season and we can enjoy most of the destinations without a downpour. Be careful, it depends on the country we travel to.

A wedding entails that many guests have to look radiant that day and for that they need the right dress. The godmother plays a fundamental role at the time of the ceremony, will accompany the groom holding his arm to the altar to await the arrival of the bride.

Today we are going to propose some ideal designs to dress the godmother of the wedding, they are from the 2018 collection of Manu García. We hope you like them a lot.
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