Manu Garcia 2020 Wedding Collection is here

A couple of months ago when we presented you in this post the new 2020 wedding collection of Manu García. LOVE SEWING takes us to the beginning of sewing but with refined, exquisite touches that bring a lot of personality to each piece. We are eager you see it in full, we can finally show you little the jewels created by the designer, it is the fruit of much work and dedication that traslates into the illusion, smiles and happines of our brides when they come to the shop to try our desings, to say goodbye to us with total happiness, without worries, looking forward to the wedding day to wear for the first time your wedding dress.

For us, the premiere of a new collection encompasses many feelings, the best thing about it is that they are shared, the dedication and delivery of the team of Higar Novias makes many people happy and this is the engine of the company, that desire to continue manufacturing news so you can enjoy them.

We wanted to start this post by showing you very special dresses, the main protagonist is the fabric, dresses that you can not forget and we can hardly get them out of our head, fallen fabrics , plumetis, chiffons, tulles … We would like to know what you think, your opinion is very important for us, so we encourage you to leave a comment at the end of this post.

Are you ready to see the photos?

Enter the Web of Manu García to see the full collection, many of the designs in store are already available and it is necessary that you have reserved your appointment to be able to try them on.

Call +34 957.638688, we are at C / Portales, 4. Fuente Palmera (Córdoba).

Celebrate a low cost wedding that easy

Nowaday we are losing control with the celebrations, to celebrate a communion or even a baptism is the same as wedding banquet with closed menus, gifts for guests, cake, music … nothing is missing.

Many couples delay their weddings to save, however, a few years ago, getting married was a business, after paying for the banquet, the costumes, the honeymoon and you had money left to save or buy something. Currently this does not happen

Celebrating a low cost wedding is possible, you just have to check the organization and the way of doing things.
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How to make your wedding fun and lively

It is true that when a couple is going to start organizing their wedding, apart from choosing the place, the menu, etc., they have to think about the guests.

In principle we think it is an easy task, with the drink and music seems enough, but it is not like this. Today we will give you some feedback so that the guests enjoy a lot and never forget your wedding.

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Cocktail dresses to wear at important events

It is a pleasure for us to continue showing you a little more of the Esperanza by Manu García collection that you can see in full on the Higar Novias website.

Today we want to focus on giving you inspiration to dress when you have important events, such as a wedding for example, there are several options that the designer proposes in which he mixes fabrics with a smooth colour or with printed, giving special importance to the skirt and back. If you like any of them, or the proposals of the Web, visit us ! We are in C / Portales, 4. Fuente Palmera (Córdoba). It is necessary to wear a dress to know how we really look, our bodice surprises us, more and more designers innovate, create until they get to catch us, even hypnotize us, but without seeing it in our figure we only have the first part done and it is not enough .

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Details and ideas for weddings celebrate in the summer

Summer is a very happy time of the year, the good weather makes us want to leave home to enjoy friends, the beach, the pool, snacks and outdoor dinners.

The bride and groom who decide to get married in the summer celebrate it in the night-time so that excessive heat is not an impediment to spend a pleasant day and in terms of organization and details, there are many things that can be done for our summer wedding to evoke the arrival of this wonderful season in which relaxation and fun prevail, including the color gamut that you use for decoration.

Today we are going to show you some ideas for all those couples who are going to celebrate their wedding in summer. Let’s go!
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