Surprise with these wedding dresses of the new 2019 collection

As the title of the post indicates, if apart from looking radiant on your wedding day, feminine and beautiful you want to surprise your guests, Manu Garcia with the wedding dresses of his new 2019 collection takes care of it. It is not about including some detail that makes a difference, that the fabric is of supreme quality or that we personalize it, it is a design issue. This is where we start, this has to favor, it must have the ability to take advantage of the figure of the bride, then we choose the best fabrics, applications, ornaments, rhinestones, glass … to have the possibility to customize it to the taste of the clients.

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Brides who risk their wedding day, new 2019 collection

We already have in store an advance of the new brides and cocktail 2019 collection, this collection comes stomping, risking, providing subtle and elegant touches of color, bodies with stunning fabrics and skirts with a vertiginous movement of those that take away the hiccups.

We show you in a previous post, a small preview of what is to come, and for this post, it has been really difficult to choose few designs.

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Ideas to remember the wedding day

How many months we dedicate to organize all preparations of the wedding that are not few of course, mainly, the wedding dress and the suit of the groom, find a place where we will celebrate the event, we have to decide for a menu, locate the best dj or musical group, to find the photographer that makes us the most beautiful photos that can be made and to put date for the pre-wedding, to draw up the guest list, to choose the type of invitation and deliver them, to go out shopping, the bride needs underwear, the robe who will put on makeup and hair and shoes, she select the gifts that we will give to the guests, find the ideal person to make-up and comb us, do the relevant tests, to go to the travel agency to decide the destination of the moon honey… I’m sure I’ll leave some things, although it’s enough, how much work a wedding does, right? The point is that all this is worthwhile, the couple who decides to get married will enjoy one of the most beautiful and special days of their lives.


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