Guests who risk and win at a wedding

valerio luna fiesta

We love the risky guests, those who dare with flashy colors, in fact, attending a wedding is cause for celebration, a joyous event in which there is much to enjoy. In the same way it happens with the design; Cleavage necklines, skirts with considerable openings, blend of fabrics and applications…

Red is a color that is practically always a trend and if you choose to come as a guest to a wedding at the morning or at the afternoon, you will get it right. The combination with black is very elegant, as long as red is the main protagonist, you know what we think about attending a wedding dressed in absolute black. Continue reading →

The simplicity and elegance of Manu García (Bridal)

vestido de novia (4)

Yes! Now is available the new wedding collection 2018. She has arrived with great force and is waiting for you so that you can see her, feel her and try each of its dresses.

The followers of the blog and the social networks of Higar Novias, you know that little by little we are showing you the news, the cool thing that happens around us we tell you so that you are up to date if you are going to attend a wedding soon Or you get married, you can not forget us. Continue reading →

Ideal dresses if you are attending an afternoon wedding

valerio luna

A lot of illusion makes us when we learn that someone is getting married, is a reason for happiness and a day that guarantees fun and enjoyment.

The brides and grooms bet on a common project that if all goes well, will last for all the life, they will create a family and they walk together for ever. The guests, after to know the event, will begin to look for the perfect dress for the big day, the feminine sex will look radiant with a well-applied makeup, a well made hairstyle and a cocktail dress that makes them shine that day. Continue reading →

Details are so important

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We are going to get married, and we have to organize the wedding, so there is a lot of work to do but do not fret, step by step the organization of the wedding is progressing so that the wedding day will be all perfect.

We are the ones who think that the details are so important and it is that a wedding have full of details but not only for the bride and groom, the guests are the ones who pay attention to them and if they take care of them, they will value them positively and they will be delighted of their passage for your wedding.

Today we will list some things that can be taken in mind for the big day that will make it even more special. Continue reading →