Tips for guests to enjoy at the wedding

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When a couple decides to get married, one of the things to organize is to decide who will accompany us on that special day, we want these people to enjoy the wedding in every way, food is a very important part in this type of events but not the only thing, what we have to do so that the guests leave satisfied and happy shouting how wonderful our wedding has been?

Here are some tips for guests to enjoy at the wedding.

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I’m the sister of the bride , what should I wear?

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Those significant weddings for us that are so nearly, the year 2018 arrives loaded with new wedding events and some of them make us very excited, our sister marries, it is a special day for the whole family and we have to choose an outfit that is at the top, each member plays a prominent role in that wedding and the sister was not going to be less, she who has shared many moments with the bride, moments of play, laughter, complicity, attachment … the joy invades them and, just as the protagonist has to find the wedding dress of her dreams, the sister of this one has to be radiant, that is precisely the post of today, we help you choose the party dress thanks to the proposals of Valerio Luna. We hope you like them. Continue reading →

6 Essential tips to keep in mind when you put on makeup


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For all those girls who are reading this post, be very attentive to what we are going to tell you next, this information on makeup you can apply not only if you attend as guests at a wedding, also on these dates in which we have many meals, dinners, we celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We will talk about some makeup mistakes that we usually make, in most cases we are not aware of it and the result is not only flattering, but it is better to have left our face without makeup.

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