Would you like to be the protagonist of our blog?

As the title says, if you want you can be the protagonist of the Higar Novias Blog, it is very easy, we tell you what you have to do right away. After having trusted us to wear such an important piece in your wedding as it is the wedding dress, that design that made you so excited, with which you felt special, I’m sure you want to show it on the net after having made the report photographic.
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Hairstyle tutorials to attend a wedding

The girls are aware that with a well-worked hairstyle, that favors us to the face and that does not make us look older we have a high percentage of work done, of course, this coupled with a makeup not necessarily very sophisticated, but we should leave a beautiful skin and highlight our features, we will be ready for any event, we will only need to dress

We must pay attention and give importance to the hairstyle, whether we are the bride or the guest at a wedding. We all know what suits us and how we are more comfortable, in the case of being a guest, if you are not willing to go to the hairdresser, it is not a problem, yes, you have read well, even if you are not very crafty with your hair, when you see the tutorials that we show you, you will be able to at home, without spending a euro, you get a haircut and you show it at the wedding.

When you have combed your hair, you know that if you attend a wedding tomorrow, you should not make up in excess, if you like to load your eyes with shadows, use a lipstick in a very subtle pink tone to counteract, otherwise, you can make up your eyes with a shadow in nude tones, mascara and, in this case, use the lipstick you prefer, it does not matter that you choose a very dark tone but it must always be balanced. If the wedding is afternoon, you have more freedom for makeup but you always have to be you, without disguising yourself.

We have compiled seven hairstyling tutorials from the web, you have hairstyles collected and loose hair, we hope you like them and they serve you.
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Wedding inspiration. Full color weddings

The world of decoration can say that it is infinite, more and more trends are coming out, ideas that circulate through the network and this, together with the personal taste of each one, becomes an infinity of possible options that we can shuffle. We must always lean towards personalized weddings, if you celebrate your wedding in a room and it puts the tablecloths, flowers, etc. If you can not provide yourselves, at least choose the one you like the most., as you do with the menu.

Many couples want neutral, warm tones that convey serenity and well-being, such as the range of pastel colors, with white and pink powder in most cases the favorite colors, including the green of flowers and plants. Well, just as elegant can be a wedding decorated in these colors in more striking colors, yes, you have to do well, knowing how to combine them, selecting the most appropriate decorative objects and mixing them perfectly with lighting so that the result is unbeatable

This is precisely what we will talk about today, we will inspire you to decorate colorful weddings, cheerful and enthusiastic, full of good vibes, energy and positivity… you will see how we will not only incorporate the color in the decoration, but also in the food, the bride, etc. It will be very graphic, attentive to the photos.

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5 dresses for 5 special occasions

We have compiled in this post, some of the designs of the 2019 collection of Valerio Luna ideal for special occasions. Inspiration returns to the Blog Higar Novias to help you shine, to be radiant in that event you are invited to or where you are the protagonist. There is no excuse for not being well dressed, the options offered by our designers in each of the collections are very diverse, for a variety of tastes and if there is something you want to change, it is not a problem for our, the customers orders and we act

We present 5 different looks very successful for certain events.

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In the simplicity is the elegance. 2019 Brides Manu García

Every time we review each of the 2019 collections, we feel proud of the work done, even more so when that work translates into satisfied, happy and willing customers to recommend our brand to their friends.

You can check it, on our website you can see the all collection, both as a bride and a cocktail and godmother. The dresses have a lot to say, the girls who come to try them already feel special and that they do without makeup, without having the hair trimmed, without the accessories and without the happiness that they transmit on the wedding day, imagine how it can be of explosive that cocktail, the union of all those things give rise to a set we could say that is perfect. And nothing is coincidence, because we have available for our customers everything necessary so that they do not lack anything in their big day, veils, shoes, headpieces … you just have to come visit us with the idea that you will find what you are looking for, the dress of your dreams is in Fuente Palmera (C / Portales, 4). Our pink facade is waiting for you to cross it, we will make you feel unique.

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