Tricks so that the organization of your wedding is a success

The organization of the wedding is an important topic to which we must pay special attention, we usually dedicate several months, in some cases even a year and maybe something more, but if we do not make good use of time , the result may not be as satisfactory as we think.

First we have to know that the wedding is for the couple that is going to get married and they have to personalize it to the taste of both, do not let yourselves be influenced, but, if we think about organizing a wedding for the enjoyment of the guests, I guarantee that the final result will be a success, the years will pass and will continue talking about that wonderful wedding.

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Higar Novias wishes you a Happy New Year 2019

Next Monday we say goodbye to the year 2018 as it deserves, surrounded by your fiends and family, enjoying the gala dinner that will culminate with the sound of the twelve strokes of midnight that we will accompany with the grapes, we will toast with champagne, we will light fireworks and we will welcome a year full of projects and enthusiasm with much desire.…

The best 2018 publications of the Higar Novias blog

Today we celebrate Christmas, a December 25 more that makes us think about everything we experienced this year 2018, a year that goes and welcomes the next. In a year many things happen and the balance of Higar Novias has been quite positive, as each year born a new collection that has been very popular, we have made many girls happy on their wedding day thanks to they choice us as brand, thus being able to participate in its great day.…