Celebrate a low cost wedding that easy

Nowaday we are losing control with the celebrations, to celebrate a communion or even a baptism is the same as wedding banquet with closed menus, gifts for guests, cake, music … nothing is missing.

Many couples delay their weddings to save, however, a few years ago, getting married was a business, after paying for the banquet, the costumes, the honeymoon and you had money left to save or buy something. Currently this does not happen

Celebrating a low cost wedding is possible, you just have to check the organization and the way of doing things.

Details and ideas for weddings celebrate in the summer

Summer is a very happy time of the year, the good weather makes us want to leave home to enjoy friends, the beach, the pool, snacks and outdoor dinners.

The bride and groom who decide to get married in the summer celebrate it in the night-time so that excessive heat is not an impediment to spend a pleasant day and in terms of organization and details, there are many things that can be done for our summer wedding to evoke the arrival of this wonderful season in which relaxation and fun prevail, including the color gamut that you use for decoration.…

Wedding trends: Ideas, decoration, presents…

As time passes we see more worked weddings, with more novelties, sophisticated decoration … nothing has to do with the weddings of now with some years ago and it is not necessary to go back 10 years. The couple care about every detail, they get involved in everything and put their affection to be able to surprise first of all, visually, all the guests.…