Tips to be a happy couple

To enjoy a healthy, lasting and strengthened relationship, it is essential to cultivate it every day. A solid couple union is based on communication, complicity and respect, three pillars to achieve full happiness with your partner.

In this blog post we give you some keys to be a happy couple for a long time. The first thing to keep in mind is that living as a couple requires constant learning from each other.

Communication is the basis of any social relationship, and more so with our partner. You have to talk a lot, at the beginning to get to know each other and on a day-to-day basis to consolidate the relationship. Each person is different and there will be behaviours from our partner that annoy us or beliefs with which we do not entirely agree. For this reason, we must apply that wise saying that says “people understand each other by speaking”. Discuss situations calmly, being honest and polite with each other. Through mutual understanding and reaching agreements, we will be able to avoid conflicts and tolerate those small “defects” that we see in our partner and they in us. That will enrich us as a couple and will also make us grow as persons. Tolerance is a very necessary value in our lives.

Complicity is another of the pillars of a couple. Relaxing together, having a few laughs will make us create a harmonious relationship, that will make us feel happy. We must take care of each other and try to treat each other like on the first day. It is very important to surprise each other, when a special moment arrives, or on any day that we feel like doing so. Those little unexpected details like preparing her favourite meal, inviting her to dinner, going to pick her up from work, awaken unique feelings in human beings that make us feel special, and make us grow in self-esteem and love for the other person.

We must find quality moments to be together to enjoy the hobbies and interests that we have in common: going to the theatre, the cinema, doing DIY or sports, dancing, etc. But in turn, we must reserve spaces for each one. In other words, for a relationship to flow as a couple, it is also very healthy to carry out activities alone or with other people. The reason being, that it is in those moments is when we usually miss the other person, a very important feeling that from time to time is good to experience, to truly appreciate that the moments we spend together are unique and incomparable.

And as we told you at the beginning, respect is essential for a couple to live happily together. Whether we agree or not, in some of the situations that arise throughout life, we must discuss it calmly, without anger and without raising our voices, being honest with each other and talking about everything, down to the smallest details, to avoid confusion. We must bear in mind that we will not always be right, that is why it is essential to know how to listen to each other and reach agreements, to make the best decisions for both of us.


These are our reflections to ensure that a couple is happy for a long time. We are sure that you will love these tips and that above all, they will be very useful if you carry them out. And as we always say, “love has no limits“.


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