Wedding Traditions

With the beginning of the year, there are many couples who decide to take another step in their relationship and set a date for their wedding. From that moment, they begin to imagine what it will be like and to think about the traditions that they would like to fulfill on that big day.

Today in our blog, we tell you about some of the best-known traditions and their meaning.

Choosing a white wedding dress

Although in recent years we have used some shades of champagne, pink… or colorful applications, in Europe, white is the color par excellence for the wedding dress. In the year 1840, Queen Victoria of England chose a white fairy tale wedding dress and such was the sensation it caused, that it created a trend and, from that moment on, white was the preferred color of brides for their bridal look. Until then, the soon-to-get-married dressed on their wedding day in any color. Currently, the white color on the bride is associated with purity and innocence.

The use of the veil

The veil becomes the perfect accessory for brides on many occasions. Over the years and cultures, its meaning has evolved. It was born as a symbol of protection of the bride, of purity, or it was even used to cover the face, when the bride and groom did not know each other.

Currently, in the West it is one more accessory or complement that enhances feminine beauty. In our stores, you will find all kinds of veils. Besides, we make personalized wedding veils, both in fabrics and finishes, decorations. Also, we can make them in different lengths, since we are manufacturers and designers.

Something new, something borrowed, something old and something blue

Who has not talked about this tradition? Surely you have already thought of that special person who will lend you something on the wedding day, or that you will wear blue. Each of these symbols has its meaning and, on many occasions, we find very original brides who practice them.

  • Something new symbolizes the future of the couple who is going to marry.
  • Something borrowed, it is usually a family jewel or accessory. Ideally, it should be done by a person who is happily married, so that her luck will be “infectious” to the family member who is going to marry.
  • Something old, a symbol of friendship. On many occasions a friend of the bride gives her a gift, something she has used. It means prosperity.
  • Something blue is a symbol of fidelity and love in marriage.

Not seeing the bride on the wedding day

In ancient times, when weddings were arranged, the bride and groom could not see each other before the day of the celebration, so that the groom would not reject the bride. Thanks to the evolution of society, currently, the couple do not see each other for practical reasons. During the hours prior to the wedding, each one is dedicated to putting on their best clothes for the occasion and enjoying with the family.

Bring eggs to Santa Clara

Although the saying goes “wet bride, lucky bride”, the tradition is that delivering a dozen eggs in a Convent of the Poor Clares will mean that on the day of the wedding does there will be no rain and the sun will shine.

Throw rice on the newlyweds at the exit of the ceremony

This is another of the traditions that has been evolving in recent years. It symbolizes prosperity and offspring for the newlywed couple. Other alternatives to throwing rice are confetti, rose petals, soap bubbles… etc.

Throw the bridal bouquet

Nowadays, brides do not usually throw the bouquet to single female guests attending the wedding. It is more common that they give it to someone special or to the sister, cousin or friend who they consider may be the next one to get married.

A custom, that little by little is becoming a tradition, is to create some bouquets, similar to those of the bride but smaller, to give them to the mothers or grandmothers of the bride and groom, as a sign of gratitude and respect towards them.

Exchange the wedding rings

Loving each other, respecting each other and keeping fidelity forever is the meaning of the exchange of the wedding rings that the bride and groom make, whether it is the religious or a civil wedding. It is one of the oldest traditions, and possibly the most fulfilled.

These are just some of the traditions that we have considered most significant, surely you know some more. Can you tell us about them? We will be delighted to read them!


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