Customized Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding ceremonies are usually full of rituals, some of them older than the others, depending upon how the bride and the groom have decided to organize their personalized wedding.

A very ancient tradition that arises in the weddings of ancient Rome are the bridesmaids, who were initially charged with the function of protecting the bride. The nuptial ceremonies were celebrated in the groom’s town. Therefore, the bride took with her several women, who formed her entourage and protected her. They all dressed alike, so that no one could guess who the real bride was. Another function of the bridesmaids was to accompany the bride to the altar and safeguard her from evil spirits. For this purpose, they helped her make a wreath of aromatic herbs and flowers.

On the other hand, in the Middle Ages it was customary to have a damsel of honor, a little girl under 12 years of age, who had a blood bond with the bride and was in charge of walking in front of the bride, opening her nuptial procession. Sometimes she was accompanied by a page, who wore her ring.

We can observe how today both traditions endure over time. There are brides who decide that their best friend, sister and cousin will become the witnesses of her wedding. For them to be easily recognizable, they should wear similar designs, that you will normally help to choose. Thus, it will be decided between all of you in which details the bridesmaid dress will resemble the wedding dress.

We propose these cocktail dresses by Manu García and Valerio Luna, that are ideal for your bridesmaids.

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Other brides prefer that it will be ytheir nieces, nephews or the children of your best friends, who will accompany you to the altar dressed in their best clothes. It is fashionable for each damsel of honor or page to parade showing a small and funny poster with a message like “the love of your life is coming”, the rings and, if it is for the church, they are in charge of carrying the earnest money. The mothers of these children, together with the bride, will be in charge of selecting the design, the color of the ceremonial dresses and their accessories, according to the theme or details that the bride and the groom have chosen for their wedding.

In short, the bridesmaids play a fundamental role on that special day. They will be the ones who will accompany you to the altar, taking care that your look remains perfect at all times; placing your veil and the train of your wedding dress; pending that you lack nothing (water, a fan, take your bridal bouquet when necessary). They are also in charge of distributing the rose petals, rice or whatever you have prepared to celebrate your wedding, at the end of the ceremony. And once at the banquet, they will be the ones to accompany you to distribute the wedding gifts.

Customized Bridesmaids Dresses

  • MG3207
  • VL5103
  • MG3242
  • VL5124
  • MG3232

For all of this, it is very important to choose a bridesmaid dress that is spectacular and comfortable at the same time, to which you make modifications so that they all look alike, but are not the same. You, as the bride, will decide upon how many bridesmaids you would like to have and who they will be. Being people of your total confidence, the choice of your bridesmaids dresses will become a very special event, which at HigarNovias we would like to live with you.

We are designers and manufacturers of cocktail and wedding dresses, so we will always help you to choose the design, making all the modifications that you want, so that each of your bridesmaids look radiant and beautiful on the day of your wedding.

All our dresses are handcrafted, always using the highest quality fabrics.

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