The perfect venue for your wedding

The choice of the wedding venue is one of the first decisions that the bride and groom have to make when they start organizing their wedding, and one of the most important ones.

You will find a lot of places to choose from, therefore, the first thing you should ask yourself is – what type of wedding do we want? And according to your tastes and personality, so should be the chosen place of celebration. It is essential that, on the most special day of your lives, you feel comfortable and happy.

Another aspect to take into account is to know the number of guests that will accompany you. Most spaces dedicated to the events have a minimum and maximum number of attendees, depending on their facilities.

An original, comfortable and accessible wedding

For your wedding to be a success, it is essential that the guests are comfortable, that the access to the place is easy, comfortable and accessible for everyone. Ideally, the venue and the ceremony should be nearby or, if this is not the case, hire a collective transport, or add a map to the wedding invitation, that provides easy identification of the locations.

Nowadays it is a trend to celebrate in the same location the wedding, the banquet and the lodging for the bride and groom, and also for the relatives who come from far away. For a religious wedding, there are spaces that include a small chapel, and if it is a civil wedding, you will find places with gardens or dream rooms for your celebration.

One of them is Hacienda de Orán, located in Utrera, a magical place built in the 17th century, with halls taken from the movies, corridors from the novels, fairytale gardens and a fully equipped rural hotel.

In this beautiful space, they have it clear for 17 years that, for your wedding to be perfect, the place must offer you multiple possibilities and with different options to carry out the ceremony, if you decide to celebrate it right there. They organize the welcome drink, the banquet, the dance floor, and offer to install the photo-call and the children’s area, in case you decide to use them.

That the place is comfortable for the catering you have hired, that the treatment of those responsible for the space towards you is attentive, personalized, and where security prevails, so that your wedding is perfect, is another aspect to take into account. Details that make a place like Hacienda Orán a great choice.

The bride and the groom usually hire the wedding venue 1 year in advance, and from the chosen date, the other preparations begin.

Trends in the decoration of the place

“Each couple imprints their own personality to the wedding, there are always new things to innovate and to realize. For example, the decoration creates that difference with other weddings”, tell us those in charge of Hacienda de Orán. A place with a unique charm, that due to its many corners and its own decoration is enough for your wedding to be magical, a dream wedding.

In short, to choose the perfect venue for your wedding, ask yourself the following questions:

How many guests do we have? How far away do we want the banquet ceremony to be? What would we like the place to have – spacious interior rooms, gardens, etc.? Thus you will get an idea of what you are looking for.

And after these reflections, it is your turn to search, make an appointment and visit them with great enthusiasm for celebrating your wedding, after a very complicated year for everyone.


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