Ana & Jose, a magic and special wedding

We love to tell you about our real brides and their beautiful love stories, how was their wedding day and what she felt when choosing her wedding dress at HigarNovias.

Today we would like to share with you the story about the magical wedding of Ana & Jose. It was full of surprises from the bride and the groom, from the guests and even from the weather. In this emotional love story you will perceive tenderness and happiness. They will make you wish to celebrate your own wedding, because you always have to keep the enthusiasm.

In an afternoon of a sunny day in September 2019, on our couple Ana & Jose said “I do” on La Rambla. They both exuded a radiant happiness. Ana tells us that “a unique moment was taking my grandfather by the arm to accompany me to the front door. But the moment of more nerves and emotion was when I appeared, on my father’s arm, at the door of the church. With all our loved ones present and, at the end of the long hall, the person with whom I have decided to share my life, waiting for me. I think it was at that moment, that I became really aware of everything, that I am the bride, that when I return back I will have changed my marital status, putting all those who accompanied us as witnesses of our love ”.

Some months earlier Ana, accompanied by her mother, her aunt and her cousin, very important people in her life, visited us at our Fuente Palmera store to choose her wedding dress. The complicity among the four of them was perceived at all times. They were aware that they were living an intimate and special moment.

Ana pre-selected almost 20 designs. However, “the one that finally became my dress was not among the chosen ones. The person who attended to me advised me, because she saw my taste, and that dress was from the 2020 collection, it was not in the catalog. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with the style.”. It was Valerio Luna’s Cuarzo model. Our real bride reveals to us that she felt a “pinch” and a very special emotion when trying it on. Her family, seeing the sparkle in her eyes and her excited face, knew it was her dress. She fell in love with the design, the fabric and that romantic nude color.

As you can see in the photos, the couple is overflowing with happiness, because they were living the best day of their lives. “I spent the whole day on the fly, full of details and displays of affection from the people I love most, but also from people not so close. That day everyone has good wishes for you “, reflects Ana. The bride and groom are the protagonists and everyone around them makes it possible as in the case of Ana & Jose,” the moment to start is pure euphoria, you start to prepare for what is coming. The house is overflowing with family and friends, my mother dressing me and my father trying to put on the bracelet. The descent of the stairs while everyone waits to see me. My friends debating whether or not they were correct in their bets on the type of dress I would wear ”.

The celebration of the marriage was very emotional, with touches of humor, such as that the bride made a mistake when reading her vows, or that the groom took advantage of the moment of communion to go to the bathroom. Leaving the church was a big fun, because, although they did not prepare rice but confetti and flower petals instead, the guests made sure that it was not missing. The sun shone all day, until the rice ran out, and it started to rain.

But the rain didn’t spoil anything, because on your wedding day everything is magical. The organizers of the banquet rearranged the welcome drink, designed for the outdoors. Ana, Jose and their guests enjoyed every moment, all the details and the many surprises prepared with all the passion and care that they require.

Ana remembers several of those moments: “An incredible surprise was at the entrance to the banquet, when my father and the godfather started  playing with the electric guitars the song Adagio by Albinoni, the soundtrack of my life, because there is not a single day that he does not play it. Jose’s friends dedicated to us a video, recreating the trailer for “The Avengers End Game”, that left us speechless. Yes, we love Marvel and it was with the soundtrack of The Avengers that we entered the disco. Ana & Jose love to dance, so they did not disappoint with their dancing, “and that’s when the party started and we didn’t stop dancing, laughing and enjoying ourselves.”

After reading the story of Ana & Jose’s wedding, don’t you want to get married yourself? We certainly do.

Our most sincere congratulations to this nice couple. We wish them many years of happiness.

Photographs by Berna Auyanet 

Wedding dress: Cuarzo model by Valerio Luna, headdress by Manu García and shoes by Menbur.

Groom: suit and accessories HigarNovias.


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