Communion suites for boys, 2021 collection

For all these moms who are already thinking about looking for the communion suit for your child, we reveal the most current trends for you.

Modern proposals, without forgetting the classic and elegant. At HigarNovias we work with the Spanish brands Varones, Marfe and Montserrat Lozano.

Children that are 9 years old already have their own character and a style, that is beginning to define itself. The sailor suit is the most demanded for the day of their first communion, but there are also those little ones who are more daring, and decide for street suits or linen communion suits. The fundamental thing is that he feels comfortable and special on that day, on which he is the complete protagonist.

White or navy blue are the most classic colors in communion suits for boys, but there are also beige, camel or light blue colors, which are very fashionable.

We have two options for our most classic boys. One of them is the sailor communion suits. This season the trend is to make them in different fabrics and tones. The other alternative is the admiral’s communion suits, ideal for wearing a vest or some other type of accessory.

For the more extrovert little customers, the linen communion suit, with countless combinations and colors, came here to stay. The communion street suit for boys consists of two or three pieces: pants and jacket or frock coat, which you can combine with the perfect complement: vest, tie, bow tie, suspenders, etc., with which he will be a real little gentleman.

What it is all about, is that your little one has a very special, unforgettable day full of beautiful moments, that he will remember forever.

Make your safe appointment and ask for the communion suits for boys at Fuente Palmera. We’ll be happy to advise you and your prince.

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