Do you need to postpone your wedding? We tell you everything about how to proceed.

The time that a marrying couple spends organizing their wedding in Spain, is usually around one year. In order to define the day of the wedding, it is essential that you have clear ideas about where you would like to celebrate both the ceremony and the celebration, and check the availability of these locations. The illusion, the nerves and the doubts will be traveling companions in that time of preparations, which must be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

However, unforeseeable events like the ones we are currently experiencing in our country, due to COVID’19, force us to take decisions as difficult and sad, as to postpone your wedding. A very stressful situation, in which you have to be positive and decisive, in order to make the most appropriate decisions for you, such as changing the date and contacting the contracted providers. The new date will renew your energy and enthusiasm to face this setback, and will give you more time to spend on the details, so that your wedding day is perfect.

Making a list of the most urgent calls, and a quadrant with possible available dates that you have thought through and decided calmly, will help you organize yourself in the new situation. Think of a Friday or Sunday, for example, when it will be easier to find a space, or leave it for the end of the year. The first thing will be to contact the premises chosen for the celebration, and agree with them on the new date, that suites yourself and in which they have availability.

Another urgent contact is the church or the site of the wedding ceremony. With it there will be not so many problems with the modification of the wedding date, because they usually celebrate several wedding services on the same day. You must bear in mind that the documentation you need for your wedding to be official is valid for three months. Nevertheless, in this exceptional moment, in which the Government has taken exceptional measures such as the suspension of administrative procedures, when you go to resume the necessary procedures for the new date, first inform yourself in the Registry or in the Church about whether the papers you already have are still valid.

It is time to contact the stores where you have bought your wedding dresses and groom suits. During the weeks before the wedding, tests and adjustments are made so that it fits you perfectly. In the Higar Novias Group, although the stores remain closed, you can contact the staff in charge of them both by phone and by social networks at @higarnovias. We understand that these are complicated moments, and of great uncertainty for the bride and groom. At Higar Novias Group we are assuring that your dresses are ready on the new date that you have decided upon to celebrate the wedding. At the end of this post, you will find all our customer service phone numbers (Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

Talking to contracted hair and makeup stylists and florists is another task to consider. They will be comprehensive with you without any doubt, and they will adapt to the new calendar. And if it won’t be possible, be sure that they will recommend you someone they trust completely.


It is time to contact the photographer, the DJ or the orchestra of versions that you have hired. Apart from notifying them of the change of dates, so that they fit their agendas if possible, you can ask them to propose new ideas for that day, since you still have some time before the wedding. With the photographer, you can think and rethink the style of photos that you would like to take. As far as music is concerned, make a detailed list of the songs that you would like to sound or even ask them to propose new ones.

To give a touch of humor and leave the nervousness aside, you can communicate the change of date to the guests by making a home video, a new digital invitation that comes to them in a funny way, or make an emotional videoconference. It will be a moment that you and them will always remember.


And what to do with the personalized details you already have: already printed invitations, already engraved wedding rings and wedding gifts for the guests alteady ordered with the wedding date included? You have two options: modify them, which will mean a small increase in the wedding budget, or be more romantic and keep them as they are, so that you will remember the initial wedding date. You can always add a nice explanatory note about the modification.

We are sure that even though postponing your wedding is not the ideal situation, everything will be arranged in the best possible way. The attitude of most providers will be kind and understanding, and full of empathy to solve the postponement of your wedding. Like most sectors, the wedding world has also been affected by this exceptional circumstances, as these months are high season for the sector. For this reason, they will stay united to overcome this temporary situation, from which we will all come out stronger, and with more desire to celebrate, and to enjoy with family and friends on a day that will be as special, as it will be emotional.

Customer service phone numbers

Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

C/ Portales núm. 4. Fuente Palmera
Tfno 673 329 646

BARCELONA 648 739 571
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MADRID 648 739 571
MÁLAGA 678 406 008
VALENCIA 601 340 131


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