How to get shine at a wedding if you are the guest

Successful when we are the guest seems easy task but it is true that it is not enough to choose a suitable cocktail dress, there are many factors that influence so that a girl really catches our attention without knowing her, when we meet at a wedding. On numerous occasions, it is a matter of attitude, this is the subject of today’s post. How we behave, how we express ourselves, how we walk and the impression we give to others are fundamental factors when it comes to shining as a guest.

Simplicity like and be yourself, much more. Never try to imitate someone because you will not be authentic, so when you go to a wedding guest, get ready according to this, be yourself, this way you will feel comfortable.

Not long ago I heard that to be attractive you have to meet three characteristics: self-esteem, authenticity and physical beauty. The first and the second we carry innate, but for the third we can strive and get the most out of it.

The makeup is so that it looks beautiful skin, but if we do not have the skin well prepared and we do not know how to apply it, it is useless.I recommend that days before the wedding you do some skin cleansing, exfoliation and deep hydration treatment and for the day in question, if you are not an expert makeup artist, give yourself the pleasure of hiring a professional to do it, you will love it.

The cocktail dress, of course, is a fundamental part of a guest, choose colors well, that favors you and adapt it the season in which the wedding is celebrated, that fits you well to the bodice, neither large nor very narrow and careful with excessively short dresses and very pronounced front necklines since it can be very vulgar. If you like necklines, better on the back.

For accessories, the finest, minimalist necklaces are a trend, even they are nice to wear more than one, if you opt for this, that the earrings go accordingly. Preferably choose yellow gold color.

Remember: The pamelas, hats, canotier … are for day weddings, for evening weddings, opt for a nice and worked youthful hairstyle.

Here are some guidelines to shine as a guest when you go a wedding, do you carry them out? What are your tricks to look radiant? Leave us a comment below.


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