Special decoration. Get inspired so your wedding is a dream

The decoration says a lot about us, it happens with our home, everything in it identifies us, each one of the elements shows our identity, our tastes … The wedding has to convey to the guests precisely this, we can not leave everything in the hands of suppliers, we have to explain what wedding we want, what interests us, what we want to offer, how they have to do it, and we do not hesitate to repeat if necessary without not even think that we are being heavy, since that day nothing can go wrong, even less because some person in charge of the organization has not understood well or has not received any indication.

The previous months to the wedding day we have a lot of work to do and we have to have everything under control, no matter how much we start to organize everything from the moment 0, in the days before the event we always we must be prepared, we have to finish things that were impossible before and remind all those in charge of preparations outside of us, what to do.

Today Friday we welcome the weekend with a post full of inspiration for all those couples who are going to get married in a few months, taking ideas is a very positive initiative to have different options and choose the one that goes with us the most. We have to shine in our great day and the environment must accompany.

Without further delay, we show you some photos, we hope you like them a lot.


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