Wedding dresses created to shine on your wedding day

Are you ready to see some wedding dresses that will make you shine with your own light? Today´s selection will make you dream, you will want to see you wearing one of them thinking about the big day, what you will be surprised when the guests see you appear at the time of the ceremony.

Really the new 2019 bridal collection is a very broad, has a very varied and impressive designs, because even the most minimalist designs bring out the best in you.

The semitransparent chantilly body with floral applications and the wide gauze sleeves of this dress stand out on their own, they combine perfectly with the plain skirt. What do you think about this design?

Another of the chosen ones has been this impressive Bohemian dress in silk and lace tulle, an extraordinary mixture whose result is spectacular. If you look closely, the skirt is siren lace style and on top is an overskirt of silk tulle with a lot of flight. In the armhole, in the halter neck and waist, has embroidered applications with flowers in relief. Do you like this option?

Elegance is the main feature of this romantic dress and is that less is more, the skirt is very vaporous, made with several layers of superimposed silk tulle, at the waist has a draped cross tulle and a raffia application . The culmination is provided by the boat neck with a large opening in the center. Do not you think it’s ideal?

Color, is the first thing that catches our attention in this simple but colorful wedding dress. With a body full of applications of semitransparent rhinestones and peak neckline, the gauze skirt is responsible for providing the pink hue. Do you dare with a dress like that?

If you fancy a more ornate design, you will like it, the body is chantilly with guipure applications, it is cut on the knee from where a piece of silk tulle comes out along the skirt. Are you more than wedding dresses of this kind?

Leave us in comments with which of them you feel more identified. Which one would you choose for your wedding day?



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