The style keys to become a guest 10


Elegance is something innate, it is part of the personality of each person and it is difficult to acquire it, but when we go to a wedding,We have to try to make elegance shine, because not only we have to dress elegant, it also to acts.

There are a few keys of style that we can apply to become a guest 10 that will serve you when you are going to decide what to wear for a wedding, you can even use them for your day to day. Do you want to know what they are?

Do not wear big earrings at the same time, many bracelets and a colorful necklace, even less the same color, this action will look too overloaded, you know that we are very fan of the “less is more” rule, if you apply it, always you will succeed. If you choose large earrings, do not put anything on your neck, even if it is small. Think well what you want to look and give prominence.

Do not wear socks with sandals where the seam on the toes pokes out. If you are going to wear sandals there are creams with color that cover the pallor of your legs and everything you want to hide.

To go to a wedding, do without your more informal large diary clock, replace it with a more finite and elegant one, otherwise do not wear a watch.

Avoid that you notice the underwear, use the color of the skin, without seams, otherwise it will look very vulgar.

Many times we pay too much attention to be well dressed and make-up, but we have to consider small things like having your nails well cut and trimmed and your legs well depilated. Do not overlook this.

If you are going to wear a tight dress but do not squeeze, wear a size that corresponds to you, keep in mind that all manufacturers do not carve the same and where in a dress you have the size L, in another you have the XL, you do not you get overwhelmed therefore, let your body go comfortable and with a garment that suits you.

Do you carry out all these tips? Leave us a comment below, we will delight reading you.



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