Some proposals to dress the godmother of the wedding. 2019 Collection

The godmother is a person who occupies a prominent role in a wedding, godparents are the ones who feel most excited when their sons announces that he is going to get married and it is a day full of emotions and happiness. Happiness that you have to look for, bringing together your loved ones and best friends to start a new stage in life full of common projects.

A godmother can wear a long dress, whatever the hour in which the ceremony is celebrated, morning or afternoon, she simply has to avoid that her dress is white or of a similar color since this tone is intended for the bride. We really like the godmothers who wear long dresses, it is very lucid and that is why our proposals today are focused on designs with this feature.

Days before the wedding, get yourself facial treatment cleanse and hydrate the skin well and prepare it for the day in question. Let them spoil you and on the day of the event they will make up and comb your hair, you will feel beautiful and be more relaxed than doing it yourself.

In all the designs that we are going to teach now, the protagonism is charged by the body, incorporating more special fabrics such as tulle and transparencies, accompanied by applications, lace or rhinestones, always touching the elegance and harmony with the skirt of plain fabrics. These dresses seem ideal to dress the godmother, we have made a selection in various colours, all suitable for the occasion. We hope you will be inspired, they belong to the Valerio Luna 2019 collection.

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