5 looks of a guest for an evening wedding

Today we bring you a post full of inspiration for all those girls who will soon be attending an afternoon wedding and need to find the perfect cocktail dress, that dress that makes you feel beautiful and feminine.

As we have said on some occasions, at weddings in the afternoon, according to the protocol, we can wear both short and long dresses, but if you want to go long to a wedding, this will necessarily have to be an afternoon wedding, except exceptions

Let’s first review some premises that we have to take into account to attend as a guest at an evening wedding.
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Dresses in the color trend of spring 2018

Spring is coming this year, due to the weather we are having, we are more anxious than ever waiting for the arrival of good weather and with it, the way of dressing changes, using more lively and cheerful colors. One of the trend colors this season is the purple, cataloged as ultra violet, a tone that favors any girl whatever her skin or hair tone.

If you have an event in sight that you are going to attend and still do not have any attire, you are in luck because these proposals can help you, you will set a trend.

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Autumn Weddings 2018

The girls who are going to get married can not let more time pass without finding their wedding dress. Time is short, and once the summer passes, the days fly and when we are going to realize, we are saying, “Yes, I want”. With this we do not want to get nervous because I’m sure that in Higar Novias you will find what you are looking for.

At that time of year, the ideal is to choose a wedding dress with which we are comfortable on cooler days, dresses with long sleeves are very appropriate and that is precisely what we are going to talk about today. We present some of the designs of the 2018 collection created by Manu García.

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4 Diferent wedding dresses for particular girls

It is true that in the variety is the taste, each girl has her personality, each body is different and what feels good to some, to others it does not. Under these premises, Higar Novias in each of its collections, has a variety of considerable designs, but we must not forget that our strong point is that we give the possibility to transform the wedding dress into a custom design. All the dresses of the Higar Novias Group are designed and manufactured in Spain, work that we do in our facilities we have in Fuente Palmera (Córdoba), so that the dreams of each bride, we make them here.

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