3 Evening dresses to be the queen of the party


We were announcing that the 2018 collection has come strongly, designers have created very special cocktail and wedding dresses.

We are in a time of the year in which many plans emerge, winter is over, a cold season in which what most wants to be at home watching movies sitting on the sofa, covered with blanket. It’s time to go out, enjoy the warm summer nights, attend to parties, cocktails and afternoon weddings.

The dresses we have selected today are cocktail dresses belonging to the Satine collection by Valerio Luna, ideal for the night, very exclusive, glamorous at the same time elegant. We advance that with any of them you will not go unnoticed, you will become literally the queen of the party, you are warned. Continue reading →

Dresses for autumn guests

Today we bring you a post of advancement of the season for the upcoming autumn weddings. We are in the summer equator and we have to think about what to wear to attend a wedding when the weather is cooler. We are going to delight you with four designs from the 2018 collection by designer Manu Garcia.

We hope you are inspired and liked.

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Wedding Trends

We have decided to get married, we have the date of the wedding and the nerves begin to travel our body while we are immersed in a lot of emotions and illusions.

Life is full of beautiful things and we must make them ours so that happiness is part of our day to day, a future full of projects that we will carry out with the love of our lives.

There are many details to organize for a wedding, and the Internet is an infinite resource of information that helps us to find out the trends in any subject and scope. So, if you are going to get married in a few months, be aware of this entry because we are going to offer you a collection of ideas for your wedding be perfect. We hope you like them.

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A very special decoration for your wedding

decoracion boda

Most couples when they get married make it very important that the wedding is very personal. Many times they opt for DIY weddings, they rent a private farm and they themselves take care of doing with their own hands every detail necessary for the big day, other times they hire companies to take care of everything always Guided by the bride and groom, previously choosing the theme and the range of colors.

Pallets are increasingly used in decoration, it is an easy to find, manipulate and work, as well as economical. We see them in any house converted into a small table for the living room, a bed frame and even a headboard, and treated well believe me that it is precious. Well, this is the post for today, we will give you inspiration on how to decorate different rooms with pallets. Continue reading →