Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

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Today is a good day to smile and enjoy the weekend but before going to the appointment that we have every week in the blog where we bring ideas, inspiration and show you the different designs of the collections that our designers are creating.

You know that we like to talk about weddings and make it easy in the event that you have an event soon, whether you attend as guests, as bridesmaids or you are the protagonist of the party.

Let’s focus on some ideal cocktail dresses that come from the hand of the new collection of Manu Garcia, simple dresses, minimalist court where we can give wings to our imagination and play with the complements, although always keep in mind that “less is plus”.

You will see below some short and perfect designs for different occasions, so that you can recreate more carefully, we show you the front and back. We hope you like them a lot.
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You get married? These 9 Things You Should Know

When a couple decides to marry, the nerves begin to flood our body, the responsibility of everything that is to be organized makes in many occasions this maelstrom does not allow us to enjoy the preparations as we should.

That is why we wanted to make reference to some premises that will help you to carry this stage better and with more peace of mind. Do you want to know what we are going to tell you?

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What you missed from the Cocktail 2018 Collection

Higar Novias

We have for some time announced the novelties we have in cocktail dresses belonging to the 2018 Collection. The designers Manu Garcia and Valerio Luna have created for this new collection authentic jewels worthy of showing off in an important event.

We have shown inspiration for different occasions and taught through this blog and social networks, various designs to facilitate the search for a suitable party dress for each celebration.
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And October came again, a month full of hope for many girls who are going to get married next year and want to find the wedding dress that makes them feel very special, like real princesses fresh out of a story.

Fuente Palmera arrives at the great wedding event, FUENTE PALMERA WEDDING FAIR 2017, that will be celebrated next weekend during the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of October at Plaza Real.

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Various looks of a wedding guest

In many occasions it is grateful that you give us inspiration and when we have a wedding in sight will not be less. There are years loaded with events and we have to choose a beautiful dress for each one of them. The difficulty is when it is inevitable not to be able to repeat the dress, the ideas are reduced and we end up blocked. What do I wear for the next wedding?

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