The back in the wedding dress does matter

Today I want to analyze with you the importance of the rear part of the wedding dress. In most of the occasions, when we are seeing dresses in catalogs, magazines and even on television, we focus more on how is the design on its front, its neckline, the style of the skirt, if we want it to be a more sophisticated dress including in the fabric applications, crystals, floral elements, or simple lines, etc. But it seems that we do not look so closely at the rest of the design.

During the ceremony our wedding dress is much more visible from the back, numerous eyes examine each detail of the back, comment how beautiful the bride is and how much tail the dress is wearing. During the celebration of the event, every guest who tries to locate the bride to see where she is, in many cases will return to see us back, when they enjoy the opening dance of the bride and groom what looks like the back of the bride …

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Hairstyles for weddings, whether you’re the bride or a guest

It’s been a while since the last time I published a post about wedding hairstyles, it’s one of the most troublesome issues when we’re invited to a wedding, even when we’re the bride. Hair is a very important element and it depends on whether we are more favored or not, that the hairstyle fits perfectly with the design of the dress. For somewhat more special hairstyle we do not do any day, we have to find the right professional, that person who knows to understand us, advise us well, have prodigious hands to do wonders with our hair and make the most of it.

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Wedding guest dresses, 6 looks that you will love

If you have a wedding in sight, the inspiration has reached the screen of your computer showing you 6 dresses for guests ideal for this time of the year. The cold seems to be already present in all communities and apart from choosing a design more “covered”, we have to resort to some shawl of winter fabric, fur jacket …

Any of these looks can be spectacular candidates for an evening wedding, all these dresses for guests with long skirts, we have selected different options with cheerful colors you will even see some design in pastel tone, the classic red that can never be missing and a color different as is the magenta, among others. The dress that we show you on the cover is the most original, there you can see the back and for the front you will have to wait at the end of the post. Continue reading →

What would be the wedding of your dreams?


The big day is about to arrive, there are only a few months left to become a husband and wife, that means starting a life together, fulfilling projects, enjoying the happiness that unites you, but, you have thought what would be the wedding of your dreams? Surely you have imagined organizing the preparations, of these days that you are together sitting in some quiet place and you begin to daydream.

To get to enjoy the wedding of your dreams you have to take into account a series of things that have to be fulfilled to feel that you have done well, that all the effort of the previous months has been worth it. Surely you will only get married once and that is why you have to put all the meat in the grill so that the wedding day is a great day for you and the guests.

Attentive to what we are going to tell you next.
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