The best dressed godmother

What illusion runs through our body when our son tells us he is going to marry, the responsibility to do well, to be well dressed, an inevitable uncertainty, but to begin with, you have to choose the perfect dress. We ask ourselves, is there the perfect dress? We have to know what suits us and what does not, but it is true that anyone can go well dressed if they propose it.

Do you want to be the best dressed godmother? Do not miss what we are going to show you next.

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Wedding dresses of different styles

The month of January is a critical month for all those girls who get married in the warmer months of the year and is that if you still do not have your wedding dress you have to hurry, days and weeks go by very quickly and this is one of the most important elements for a girlfriend.

We know that many of you are a little puzzled thinking about how your wedding dress will be, most have an idea, a dream, imagine their dress but it is only there in your mind and imagination, we do not know how we will keep those ideas when they touch our body, if it will adapt to our curves, if we feel comfortable with it, feminine and beautiful. In many cases, when we choose the dress we realize that it had nothing to do with the image we had of him. For this, the ideal is to see many and try others, let advice and not worry about if some detail or part does not end up liking because in Higar Novias, because of we are manufacturers, we modify what is necessary.
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Perfect bride after the holidays

¡Welcome 2018!

We return to normal, we just have to wait anxiously to their Majesties the Magi that will fill the houses with enthusiasm and joy in equal parts. We leave behind a few days of excess due to the many Christmas dinners and meals, physical exercise nonexistent in our lives, eternal nights enjoying family and friends, resting little, abusing chocolate, nougat and shortbread.

Many couples wanted to take the grapes and to toast for the new year, a very special year for them since in a few months they will celebrate their wedding. There are still many things to organize but we must also get ready, in the first place, to return to the weight we left behind, just before Christmas began, for this and to be perfect on the day of the wedding, we are going to give you some healthy tips below.

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The last post of 2017


We are a couple of days away from this year 2017 and from Higar Novias we can only say THANK YOU. One more year, that work that is not seen, has paid off and has conquered many people, whole families have dressed with some of our designs, and can thus be part of your great day.
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