Mistakes that a guest should not commit

Today we talk about a topic that interests you, every girl who goes to attend a wedding likes to go well dressed and elegant, because what we do not like is not to be according to the occasion and that is why we wanted to remind you of some rules that we must fulfill whenever we are invited to a wedding. Take note of the mistakes that a guest should not commit, since we refer to some general guidelines that we must take into account.

Not the white color. It is the first rule we must have it so clear. The white is the color of the bride and under no circumstances we will shade, although she is the undisputed star of the event, that color is practically prohibited, unless the couples wish to celebrate an “Ibiza wedding”, fashionable for some years where necessarily all the guests, without exception, will wear white.

Not the black color.  We refer to wearing absolute black, this color is indicated for a funeral, the weddings are happy celebrations and we have to dress according to the occasion. If you really like black, try to have the dress have some print or at least two colors, take of advantage of  the accessories to clarify the look.

Wear a great headdress or hat at an evening wedding. As a general rule, the hat is used to protect us from the sun and that is what we have to take into account when dressing for a wedding. In the afternoon the sun is hiding so the hats are not suitable.

Do not wear socks. The stockings stylize and hide the imperfections of the skin. Remember that there are summer and winter socks so there is no excuse for not wearing them at a wedding, especially if our dress is short. Always try to choose the tone of your skin.

Use very short dresses. Very short dresses for a wedding are not elegant, at least, the dress should stay above the knee.

Do you consider these tips when you attend a wedding?


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