Mistakes to avoid when choosing the wedding dress

You have already confirmed the date of the wedding and the illusion runs through your body, there are only a few months left for the big day, that in which you will share laughter, emotions and feelings with your family and friends, you will release an incalculable happiness, it is your day and You have to enjoy it to the fullest.

It’s time to prepare to find the wedding dress but pay attention! You should avoid making some mistakes. Very attentive to what we are going to tell next.

You have to be clear about what you want, so that someone can advise you

All the brides can imagine what their wedding dress will be like but you have to assess how the wedding will be, if you marry for the Church or for the civil, if it will be a rustic wedding, on the beach … Consult different brides magazines with the latest trends , visit different stores to see their catalogs and try on some dresses, guide yourself to the advice they give you, always received from trusted people who love you, but remember that after all this walk, you have the last word.

Be flexible while preserving personality 

Listen to the opinions of the experts and the people you trust around you, it is convenient that you do not get too many voices because they can confuse you. Receive all the information, stay with the most interesting and make a selection. The dress has to identify you.

The accessories are important

The accessories  have to have the importance them deserve, if the dress is simpler, you have choose accessories that make it look more . If for example you have thought about changing dress for the cocktail, think if the underwear would be necessary changing it or if it is necessary to do without the headdress that you wore in the ceremony. The shoes is very important if you want to enjoy the day.

Take the budget into account

For that not feel frustrated, when you arrive at the store to see wedding dresses, inform the saleswoman in advance of the budget with which you account, this way she will teach you dresses that you can afford and you will not leave the eyes of anyone with a price prohibitive for you.

The most expensive dress is not the best

There are beautiful dresses at very affordable prices, keep this in mind. Many times we are paying the amount of fabric or the excess of applications that make it more expensive.

Do not feel comfortable with the dress

As much as they try to convince you to buy a certain wedding dress, do not let yourself get carried away if you do not feel comfortable with it. You have to look beautiful, sensual, it must be the dress of your dreams.

Know your body perfectly

You will gain time and suffering if you are aware of what suits you and what does not. It is more elegant to dispense with certain necklines or skirts that you know are not for you, rather than choosing a dress of the latest trend that makes you feel disguised or deep down you know that it is not yours.

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