The most ideal shoes for the bride. Trends

The bridal look is composed of a series of elements and the set of them all has a harmony and elegance. Every detail counts and it is important that there is something that makes a difference, trying that the result is not too overloaded or, otherwise, excessively simple.

The bridal gloves can also be worn with the buttons of the brand, the brightness and the color of the hair. Let’s see some ideas.

Karolina Fresneda incorporates crystals, glitters and soft color notes into her designs, the shoes of the cover photo are also from the designer. Stand out the pointed shoes and high heel, although it proposes an original sandal with crystal applications attached to the ideal ankle.

Manolo Blahnik offers us a more classic line where the cream tones are the protagonists. What do you think?

The following design, by Nuria Cobo, is a trend, in this case in blue but you can find them in more colors, do you like them?

Doriani’s sandals with different tones and fabrics but with similar design.

And finally, these precious Menbur´s sandals in white off combined with silver.

Are you including color notes in your bridal look? Do you dare with some of these shoes? What has been your favorite?



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