Mistakes we make when we arranging a wedding


It is true that we usually organize the wedding with time, especially those couples who are married by the Church, have to reserve date at least one year in advance. This time is ideal to mature how we want to be the wedding of our dreams and to specify all the necessary details so that the result is a perfect wedding.

We get married once in life generally and of course, having no experience in this type of event, there may be certain details that we don’t remember, what you have to try is not to make serious mistakes that can have a bad time.

Today we tell you about some mistakes we made when we arranging a wedding.

  • Do not choose the wedding dress of your dreams. There is no excuse to not choose the dress that you had always imagined, the one that makes you feel beautiful and sensual, otherwise you will not be comfortable on the wedding day and you may regret the decision you made.

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  • Distribute guests at the tables.It is something that most of the bride and groom usually do, but keep in mind that to begin with is a rather tedious and laborious task and will keep us busy until the day before the wedding, and facing the guests, it can be difficult to wait some hours while they serve the food or dinner for the guests. Not to mention that they could be comfortable at the table with the people who have mached in the same table with them.

We propose two alternatives that we like a lot, one of them is to give hot and cold appetizers while the guests are standing, this way, they can move and chat with whoever they want and just sit at tables to offer the main course and the dessert, but in this case everyone will sit wherever they want and with whomever they want.

Another option is to offer cold and hot snacks, some of them more forceful and to place tables and chairs so that the guests can make use of them, in this case, we will not sit the guests at tables, all the food or dinner will be standing. The dessert will be given the same way or putting a buffet of desserts for each one to serve to himself.

  • To think that I will endure all night without changing my shoes. Take some spare without hesitation, the day is long and it is preferable to be at ease.
  • Do not testing make-up and hairstyle. It is a mistake not to take the test and try your luck on the wedding day when the nerves are on top and the time is running out. Even when the test is over and you are happy with the result, take photos to show the make-up artist and hairdresser on the wedding day and he can do it as is.
  • ¿Any guest with a food allergy? If a guest informs you that he suffer from any allergy or intolerance to any food, do not forget to inform the catering.
  • Do not rest the day before the wedding. There are many days and opportunities to organize parties, barbecues or go out with friends and family in the days before and after the wedding, but avoid doing so the day before. If you get rested you will enjoy it much more.
  • Leave the choice of every detail of your wedding in the hands of the providers. Make it clear to each of them how you want things, what you like and what not, so that there are no surprises.
  • Do not delegate on the wedding day. This is one of the most common mistakes. We have had time to organize everything in detail the previous months and we also have time to think about someone who gives us total confidence, is aware of the event and is able to solve any problems that may arise. Wedding day grooms have the sole mission of enjoying.
  • Honeymoon. You have to make the trip that we really want. That neither the money nor the lack of available days cloud this wonderful experience that we will live with our partner.

Have you taken into account these mistakes now that you are organizing your wedding?

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