Things to keep in mind for the bride and groom before the wedding


Once the decision is made to marry, preparations begin to be organized, but as soon as we begin, there are things that we inevitably have to do in the last days, as in the distribution of tables, for example, there are always people who by different circumstances cannot attend and they communicate it before the celebration, so we have to restructure them.

Even knowing this, the bride and groom have to take into account certain things that sometimes escape our hands, we today we advance so that some of them do not come by surprise. We tell you about it below.

You will spend more money than you had planned. We get married once in a lifetime and once you get to organize and take ideas for sure some fancy comes up and you spend money in it.

The wedding trip will be very special. Keep in mind that you will possibly have the holidays more longer than ever before and normally before the wedding you do not have childrens yet, so think well about the journey of your dreams and do not hesitate, do it!

Viviréis uno de los días más importantes de vuestras vidas. You will live one of the most important days of your lives. It is a very special day where the protagonists are you, you have prepared everything with great enthusiasm, wishing to share it with everyone. A day in which you breathe happiness, and you will enjoy very much.

Some of the guests will surprise you. Guests who you believed that they would not miss your wedding may not attend or vice versa. Another of the many surprises comes when it comes to seeing the gifts, in many cases you will think if you deserve so much, but also you will have some not so pleasant surprise.

You have to decide in which person you delegate the tasks that arise on the day of the wedding, you will be very busy attending the guests, taking photos … That day is not to organize or to solve problems. Speak to someone of great confidence to do you this great favor.

The guests want to enjoy with the bride and groom on their big day so do not get off the dance floor and dance with them like there’s no tomorrow. Very discourages a wedding in which the guests are absent.

Keep in mind that some things will not go as planned. No matter how much you talk to the catering or the DJ and make everything necessary for everything to go as you would like, there may be some misunderstanding or some detail is not clear. There is nothing perfect with which there are no perfect weddings, what to look for is that what goes wrong is not noticed too much and does not directly affect the guests.

I hope the post today will serve the future married.Have a good day.

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