The new StarSystem brides collection is waiting for you

That’s right, we have at your disposal the new bridal collection 2018, a collection that comes from the hand of our designers Valerio Luna and Manu Garcia.

In previous posts, we have been showing some progress and today we are going to focus on the StarSystem collection, whose author is Manu Garcia.

Elegance and good taste are the main features of this collection, and you can find simple wedding dresses and dresses with more sophisticated fabrics, laces, applications, etc.

vestido de novia manu garcia (5)

When a girl is getting married, she has to be very clear about what she wants her dress to look like and ideally she listens to her body and knows what she feels like. We publish a few months ago an entry that may interest you: What favors me according to my body shape.

It is normal that we want to hear the opinion of important people for us, but we have to be sure that what we are going to show on our wedding day we love, it makes us feel comfortable, it is the dress of our dreams.

The task of finding and capturing the wedding dress has to be carried out in time, so we try several until we find the one that really fills us. It may happen that the dress we like in general but have some detail that fails, something you want to modify, add or eliminate, that task for Higar Novias is not a problem, because we are manufacturers of wedding and cocktail dresses, we can do this work because of your dress will be totally to your liking.

And now if it’s time for you to see some StarSystem collection designs, we hope you like it.

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